Table Covers

SnapLock Interchangeable Table Covers make changing the design of your table a SNAP! Our SnapLock Table Covers are an innovative industry first. Arm Wrestlers come in all different colors, genders, and builds--we think their tastes are just as unique and varied. SnapLock Table Covers make it possible to customize any table for any occasion. The covers come in an ever-growing array of designs and themes that can be snapped on or snapped off in an instant. If the cover becomes worn after years of abuse, pull it off and change it. There's no reason to go to an upholstery shop and have them make a new one or try to wrap one yourself (because you know that's not gonna happen!).
Take a look at our current designs and grab as many as you please. If you can't find the perfect cover design, or if you want something customized for an event, or to match your establishment, feel free to contact us and our design team with work to make one just for you!

We can even add your logo!


  • Personalize your cover with a custom message on the front edges
  • Heavy duty nickel plated brass snaps
  • 15oz scrim reinforced vinyl​
  • All penetrations are reinforced with nickel plated brass grommets
  • Graphics encapsulated under a protective clear laminate for maximum durability

4 products

4 products