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The best table made in North America, not to mention the best value,

Travis "The Beast" Bagent

Combat Armsports is doing great things in the world of arm wrestling, great products, great customer service, at a great price!

Devon Larratt

"I LOVE my table!  I'm very proud to train on my Combat Armsports table! It's very well made and easy to assemble! 

"Monster" Michael Todd

"If anyone asks me about Combat Armsports arm wrestling tables, I say one thing, BADASS TABLES."

Matt "Wild Horse" Mask

I have 4 Combat Armsports tables at my house, best, sturdiest, easiest to assemble tables money can buy!

​​Mike Ayello

They are the real deal, sturdy enough for the Heavyweights, and hold up nicely as you flash your opponent to the pad.

Jamie "The Natural" Sheldon

Combat Armsports Tables are the Cadillac of arm wrestling tables, most comfortable pads you can buy!

Jake "The Rockstar" Smith