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Combat Armsports tables are the only tables available that feature our propriatary SnapLock Table Covers. What this means it that you can change the look as your table about as easy as you can change the look of your phone. If you want to tailor your table to an event, your company, your team, or whatever comes to mind you can do so with the SnapLock cover. Our tables are solid as a rock, there is zero wiggle, no wobble and they routinely support battles in tournaments across the world. Our tables also feature our unique stainless steel handles for strong grip and amazing looks.

Our tables have been specifically designed with three criteria in mind: Strength, Customization, and Ship-ability.  To be able to easily ship, the tables were designed to be less than 70 pounds (32 kg) (as per FedEx and UPS regulations for Residential Ground).

We have found that while both setups have their pros and cons, the upholstered pin pads are more popular than the bungee set up, especially for competition.  Our tables will ship with upholstered pin pads unless we are notified in advance to send bungees.  Of course the table is compatible with either kind and both can be purchased separately as well.

To assemble your table you'll only need a couple common household tools.  You'll need either an adjustable wrench or you'll need both a 1/2" wrench and a 7/16" hex wrench. Easy to follow instructions are included and they can be assembled with very little skill required.

The pads are removable and holes are provided so that the pads can be reversed for ambidextrous use.  The pads are provided with handy wing nuts for easy no-tool setups.

Our designers are capable of designing any top you can imagine.  Put a picture of your girlfriend, family, car, logo, or whatever you decide and we will produce a SnapLock cover specifically for you!

The Pro-Series and the ProPLUS-Series tables are alike in every way except that the ProPLUS is built with heavier guage metal.  It is a heavier table and therefore less prone to metal fatigue which could occur over years of heavy use.  To date, we have no known failures on either table and expect that we will continue to hear good things as our tables run the gamut of uses. 

Some of our customers prefer to design their own cover.  We are fine with that.  Please contact us so we can send you a design template to make your work easier.  We can accept files of nearly any type.  Vector graphics (ai, eps) do not have issues with quality loss if they are enlarged.  Bitmap images (jpeg, tiff, gif, png) are prone to quality loss if they are enlarged too much.  If you prefer to use a bitmap image please make sure it is a high resolution file.  Feel free to contact our design department (844) 526-6228 for further help and instructions on where to send your design. 

Order Fulfillment and Shipping

Check out the tabs below for common questions about order fullfilment and shipping.

Being centrally located we are able to affordably expedite shipping to any part of the United States and for that matter, any corner of the world.  If you are in a country outside of the United States please Contact Us to discuss your preferred shipping method

We try to keep a full inventory of tables and accessories on hand ready for shipment.  However, due to the sometimes custom nature of our products it can at times take from 1 to 6 weeks for shipment.   Most of the time we are working with a 1-2 week turnaround.  If you are in desperate need of a table, please contact us because when necessary, we can often make things happen as soon as the next day.  Accessories usually ship out within a week.