Armwrestlers are Focusing Their Energy on Their Competition, Not on Their Equipment

How to Focus your energy and become the armwrestler you’ve always dreamed of.  Powerful armwrestlers are focusing their energy on their competitor NOT on their equipment.
The spot light is bearing down, the crowd is cheering, at the center of all the attention as your hands clasp, a cloud of white talc floats through the air.

This is your battle ground…this is where the score is settled.  As the standoff rapidly approaches, in an instant your whole world condenses around you to the point where the only things you’re aware of are the beating of your own heart and the glare in your opponent’s eyes.  In a moment, which seems to last for hours, your arms are set free.  The war is on. It’s only you and the opposing force…

Have you ever felt this feeling? Do you live for this feeling? Let’s change the scene a little bit as we continue the battle…

...All of the sudden your awareness is torn elsewhere, you notice the referees supporting the armwrestling table upon which you battle, it is wobbling, twisting and creaking as it nearly folds under the extreme forces that are upon it.  Suddenly in a flash your hand is slammed to the pad…it’s over.

In the war of arms you can’t worry about your equipment.  You have to know it’s there for you. You have to depend on it.

Combat Armsports has done the hard thinking, we’ve been at the drawing board and have done the hard work.  After a lot of planning, cutting, welding, and machining, we’ve created an armwrestling table that is battle tested and certified combat ready.  Whether you’re training or competing, the last thing you’ll have to worry about is your equipment.  Your focus will never be drawn away from the goal.

Be the victor---not the victim.

We know, you’re thinking about building your own table, you’ve got a buddy that can weld one up for you and customize it just like you want.  We know…it’s tempting.  Before you go down that road, we want you to think about a few things…How much is your time worth? Do you know your design will perform? How will you do the top?  What about the pads? How are you going to make the pegs? How will you make sure it’s battle ready? In the end, you want a custom table that is as strong as the forces of hell that you’re going to put on it.

Put your efforts into training not tinkering.

Focus your efforts and your attention on becoming the best armwrestler you can be. Focus on practicing with your pulling buddies. Develop your concentration and focus. Let the experts at Combat Armsports provide you with the equipment and the peace of mind to do it. 

What the experts at Combat Armsports will do for you.

We will give you the table of your dreams.  Built with the same tenacity as a tank and ready for anything.  We will make it completely customizable for you with a wide array of designs.  You can add your name or the name of your team.  You can add your logo or anything you desire.  We’ll make it so you can change the entire look of your table in less than 5 minutes.  We’ll make it so it can be easily disassembled and transportable. We’ll make you the envy of all your buddies and ultimately the last man standing.

Have it now.

​Don’t wait six months! Within days you can have your customized table shipped to your doorstep.  Save yourself the grief and buy today.  You’ll be so glad you did it! Some of the most powerful armwrestlers competing today are using our tables…join the family and get your table now.